1.      All costumes/garments are rentable for three (3) days only. If the rental item is returned after the rental due date or the rental is requested to be extended, an EXTENSION FEE per day will be charged to the renter.

2.      Fifty percent (50%) RESERVATION FEE is required for every rental item. For example, if an item’s rental fee is ₱1000, ₱500 should be settled as a reservation fee. Once you have reserved a costume/garment, any change of item(s) or cancellation will cause the RESERVATION FEE to be forfeited.

3.      A FULL PAYMENT of the rental fee balance including the corresponding security deposit fee is due before the rental item(s) may be picked up or delivered.

4.      All rentals require a ₱500 SECURITY DEPOSIT (prices vary depending on whether single items or complete costumes/garments are rented). The standard security deposit will be charged with the rental fee and credited back to the renter once the item is returned in acceptable condition.

5.      DELIVERY FEE and RETURN FEE should be shouldered by the Renter.

6.      RENTAL RESERVATION placed within one (1) week prior to the event date is considered a rush order and will incur an additional fee of ₱1000.

7.      ALTERATIONS are not allowed; they must be returned in their original condition. If the rental item is returned altered or damaged, additional fees will be charged above the security deposit. Costumes/garments may NOT be cut, dyed, painted, or embellished. Tape, iron-on bonding web, glue, or any other type of adhesives may NOT be used on costumes/garments.

8.      RESCHEDULING is allowed up to ten (10) days prior to the pick-up date and is subject to availability, in case when the rescheduled item is not available at the preferred date, a change of item or a refund will be available to the customer, otherwise the RESERVATION FEE is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

9.      DAMAGE will incur damage charges above the security deposit. Damage charges will be assessed for broken zippers, detached garment pieces, make-up, other permanent stains, or any other damage that renders the costume/garment not rentable. It includes the cost of the supplies needed to restore the garment to its original state as well as labor costs. Major damage to costumes/garments, including irreparable tears, or irreversible marks will be assessed at the replacement value of the costume/garment. Lost costumes/garments will be assessed with a lost costume/garment fee of the replacement value of the costume/garment.